Tuesday, June 10, 2008

one of my absolute all-time favorites...

Nick Joerling tops the list of favorite potters. His gestural forms are fluid and animated. I love Nick's artist statement and philosophy behind his creations,

"I make pots as much from a drawing sensibility as a pottery one. Daydreaming with a pencil. Not drawing as rendering but simply doodling, then working hard to get that drawing to function. Profile line is therefore a strong attraction, a strong dictate, as are the smaller spaces within spaces. And of course that sense of animation. My pot reference is most often you an I, our bodies. It's where my cues come from: dance, people seated on a park bench, the cleavage that forms inside of a bent elbow. But I want to stay in the pot's world - too literal and the pots seem deflated. In my studio what I hope for are pots that have qualities of sensuality, compassion, humor, and risk."

I am so lucky to own a Nick Joerling original! My husband surprised me with this jar back when we were dating, and it prominently sits on my mantle in my living room for me to enjoy everyday!