Thursday, June 5, 2008

my greeeeeeeeeeennn banner!

I am excited to get this banner of my logo printed, and it's SO GREEN!!!! This 5ft x 3ft banner will eventually be bolted to the outside of my studio! Knack Studios and Art & Light have theirs up on the building already, and they looks super fabulous! I am excited to get mine hung, but for now it looks great hanging in my front window. I'll be sure to show you a picture of it on the outside of the building when it's hung outside!


knackstudio said...

Love this picture!! the pots look so great on the pedestals, and of course I love all the gray!!

Anonymous said...

your banner is awesome!!!! Yay!! I agree with knack, I love the pedestals in front of the window! You have been busy!!

blue moss said...

like knack...i love this pic. I am so excited for all of you. the banners are such a great addition to the building!!