Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the newest addition to the stratton fam

this is my new kitty named "trooper". she's a trooper alright! trooper came to live with us when she was about 6 weeks old. she's SO tiny and i've been bottle feeding her. the story behind her name is crazy, but i was on my way to the pound to adopt a kitty. when me and sister got there, the pound wasn't open yet, so we decided to sit on the bench and wait for it to open. while we were sitting there, a really old red trooper struggled up the hill to find a parking spot. the lady in the passenger seat rolled down her window and asked , "any of you want kittens?" i went to the window, and in her lap was a box of three TINY kitties! they said they had found them in the bushes. i was so afraid to take one because they were so tiny and needed lots of care without a mommy at such a young age. after much deliberation, i decided to take a kitty. the lady and man in the car became emotional when i decided to take her. they told me they were so happy she was going to a good home. they went on to explain that, the man had recently lost his job and they had been living out of their trooper for the past 7 weeks and couldn't afford to raise the kittens anymore. i felt so bad for the couple and couldn't believe they had been living in their car. i gave the couple the cash i was going to use to adopt a pet, and they became even more emotional. between tears they tried to refuse the money, but i insisted they needed more than me. they thanked me a million times calling me an angel, then took the other two kitten to be adopted. 
so, i named the sweet furball trooper. since she's come home with me, she's grown and become quite the playful kitten. penelope, my other adult cat, still isn't sure what she thinks of her, but she's coming around...
i'm so happy to have trooper, this sweet little kitty as our newest addition to the fam :)

thanks etsy and shellieartist!

a big thanks to shellieartist for including me in her post on the etsy blog, storque. she featured the carolinas and the art we have to offer and included me in her list of south carolina artists. check out the post here. thanks shellie!

Friday, November 21, 2008

check out Reya Veltman

I found this talented girl on etsy and i adore her felt work! she's a self taught artist living in the Netherlands. click here check out some the lovely items she has for sale in her shop right now or go to her website here
" boulder bowls"

"felt pebbles"

"tree folk"

photos via reya veltman

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

birds of a feather...

my friend mollie of Royal Buffet has been busy been creating and stocking up for the holidays! you can find these lovelies in her etsy shop. I am in love with all of her paper goods! mollie will have a show with a menagerie of her beautiful work on display at Flatiron Studios this December First Fridays in the Art and Light guest gallery. i can't wait, and i'll be sure to post more details when First Fridays gets closer. For now check out her etsy shop and find the perfect gift wrapping accessories to make your gift giving special this holiday season!

photos via royal buffet

Monday, November 17, 2008

inspiration trip to Charlotte

my husband took me to charlotte this past weekend for my birthday, and i was so excited to see their arts district called NODA. we strolled the streets of an area really similar to Pendleton Street Arts Dist (where my studio is in greenville) an area being revitalized. cool old brick buildings with funky and fun galleries inside lined the streets. there were some fun little sandwich shops along the way, a coffee shop, a theater/music house, a cool book house, a "pamper your pet" shop, a french bakery and a nice restaurant. It wasn't that far ahead of my arts district. the gallery and boutique owners were so nice to share their experiences and offer their advice. Some of my favorite galleries and boutiques were, lark & key owned by Sandy Snead and boyfriend Duy Huynh, both talented artists themselves. This was a gallery/boutique with a mix of jewelry, clothing, fine art, and ceramics. they are what and where i want to be in the future with a nice mix of all things creative. another really cool gallery that also included working artist studios was green rice owned by Carla Garrison. she had a super great mix and was so kind to share how she got to where she is and share some tips. Both of these ladies were young professionals which was cool for me to see them young and following their dream, and achieving it! they both have done such an awesome job with their spaces and have really nice collections of affordable artwork.
A few other cool places to check out are the Boulevard this boutique/gallery carries some really cool local goods and artwork. also, Center of the Earth Gallery was a very nice higher end gallery that had a really great collections in. another funky place we stopped in was Beet a gallery of contemporary craft and functional art.

I'll be posting more about some of the individual artists this week. if you're ever in charlotte, be sure to check NODA out. i was so happy i had the chance to go this weekend, and i'm ready to get to work in my own artist district and studio :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

fabulous pottery show this weekend!!!

Two fellow potter friends will be having a show in the guest gallery of Art and Light Gallery tonight. You've got to check out the lovely work of these to lovely ladies, Carrie and Sara. Their work compliments one another's so well and they've been really busy getting ready for this show. Come down to Art and Light Gallery this weekend to see the show, Friday, Novemeber 14 from 5 pm - 9 pm and Saturday, November 15 from 11 am - 6 pm. You won't want to miss it!
photos via art and light

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

now available on my website...

the metal hoop earrings are now on my website to purchase! click here to see them...

Monday, November 10, 2008

tis the season...

i'm excited to have lily pottery gift certificates available this year! with christmas only 44 days away, gift giving is definitely on my mind! this year, i want to make it easy for my customers. with the new lily pottery gift certificates, you know that friend or special someone will get EXACTLY what they want this year! you can find these on my website in the gift giving section and in my studio and you can purchase them at whatever amount you'd like! happy gift giving!

also, all of my 2008 ornament collection is now available to purchase on my website as well! just click here and get shopping!

makool loves you...

pink hoodie

little house jacket

the ketchup coat with grocery bag

the ketchup coat

I found "Makool Loves You" last week, and I LOVE MAKOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am in love with just about EVERY item on their website and would love to fill my closet with these lovlies from Makool. Check out their website here....

photos via

Friday, November 7, 2008

First Fridays!

It's already here again! First Fridays! Come on down to Flatiron Studios and see the new goodies we've all been working on! My 2008 Christmas ornaments are here as well as my fun wine stoppers that make wonderful stocking stuffers or hostess gifts! So get 'em while you can. These little guys fly out the door so fast! Hope to see you tonight 6-9 or tomorrow 10am-3pm!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

check out the eclectic curio...

my funky mom has a vintage etsy shop called "the eclectic curio". I LOVE some of the new retro finds she has stocked right now. your have to check out her vintage finds!
how funky is this pen set????? love it!

in love with these vintage daisy earrings!

this sweet little chick planter belongs in my kitchen!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


i am a huge hot tea and coffee fan. i am in need of a cozie for my french press. i love felt cozies because they insulate so well. look what i found on etsy....

felt french press cozie by felt cafe
felt bird teapot cozie by trifly design

adorable felt tea bag pouches by trifly design

Saturday, November 1, 2008

and the winner is...

Congrats Annie!!!! you are the winner randomly selected for the Halloween Giveaway of Lily Pottery. Annie's favorite halloween costume was:

"my favoritve halloween costume was when i went around the house, and found absolutely anything that was pink, tutus, skirts, necklaces, anything!!!! Then, from when my mom ran the flying pig marathon, I got a pig nose!! I dressed up as a pig! It was a really cool costume"

Thank you everyone who participated and left your comments! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!