Thursday, June 26, 2008

get to know royal buffet...

My two friends Mollie and Annie are two so very talented girls. Annie and I studied art at the same school, and Mollie was in school before me, but I have admired what these two creative girls are doing for awhile! They're website is Royal Buffet. They create beautiful paper products that flutter, bloom, and peep. Everything from garland and gjft tags to stationary and mobiles! They use vintage french magazines and recycled papers when creating their goodies. They live here in Greenville South Carolina. You can find and purchase there fabulous products at their etsy shop.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

some more...

Yesterday was a good production day. I threw some large vases and as well as more birdhouses. I also finished another set of up three tall vases. I'm so looking forward to firing all of these!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

an oldie but a goodie...

check out this fabulous old Singer sewing machine my mom gave me while I was home!!!!
I am so excited. It's and oldie, but it works great! oh the projects that await me and the old singer...

Monday, June 23, 2008

going back to my roots...

My sister and I drove home and spent all of last week with our family in the city we grew up in, Cincinnati Ohio. I love going home and spending time with my family. This trip was so inspiring to me personally. As I get older and go back home, I begin to see little pieces of the "big puzzle" come together. The more time I spend with the people I love the most, I'm seeing more and more why I am the way I am. The fibers that tun through my body and make me up came from these people, and now that I'm a little older, I'm seeing myself in all of these wonderful people. It's really cool!
We spent a lot of time with my mom, dad, and brother driving around downtown and checking out the city. I saw where my love for being downtown and in the "city" and my love for creativity comes from. We stumbled upon a new and emerging artist's district in a really sketchy and shady part of town and all of us got excited! we got out and went to all the coolest urban shops and saw artist walking the streets. It was great to see other people in a bigger city than mine, doing the same thing I am. Then we went to the Cincinnati Art Museum. We all had fun giving our opinions and critiques and enjoyed our time together as a family.
We visited my Grandma and Grandpa Wikoff, and of coarse, you know we went to St. Vinney's Thrift Store. I see where my love and knack for finding "good bargains" comes from! oh boy! I had some really great finds with Gram and Gramps too! I got an AMAZING old chandelier that still has the old crystals in tack! After our visit with them, of course me, mom and em hit up just about every other thrift/junk shop we could find on a treasure hunt looking for that perfect vintage find, and yes we hit the jackpot a few times!
I also went to see my Grandma and Papal Hurst. Going to their house always bring me happy thoughts memories. I spent so much time there as a little girl running around on their property, riding my bike up and down their country road, and spending hours at their pond trying to catch fish. We sat on the front porch "shooting the breeze" then walked around their property. I saw where my love for gardening and being outdoors came from. Grandma showed me there little garden and explained when they retire it will be a huge garden. We looked at her grape arbor--which is loaded with grapes--and talked of making jam and canning this summer
For me to go home and see all of these wonderful people and see the heritage I came from and now understanding a little of why I am the way I am, was so refreshing to me! As I drove home I thought about all of these things and thanked God for the wonderful family and "roots" I have.

downtown view

on the corner looking into the artist district

my favorite shop mica

a cool plant shop that also featured local art called "city roots"

another really great shop called "outside"

my little bro at the Cincinnati Art Museum

grandma picking lettuce

grandma with onions

Friday, June 20, 2008

July 4th Event!

Okay everybody, Flatiron studios has something special planned for our July First Fridays. We are so excited to celebrate the 4th down at our studios with live music, food, ice cream and great art just 2 weeks from today! Above you see the postcard hot off the press we'll be sending out. All of you show are local and greenville natives, we hope you can come down to 1207 Pendleton and share in our 4th of July celebration! I'll be posting more info a bit closer to the 4th, but mark your calendars now!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

sea inspired felt...

A fabulous etsy find... Keri Rounding, a fiber artist from Brampton, Ontario. Her goal as a textile artist is to create beautiful wearable pieces. She is passionate about designing and making fashion accessories which are fun and functional. These anemone and urchin broaches and rings were some of my favorites. Check out more of her funky felt at her etsy shop.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

little friends

incense burners

ring catchers

These little pots are a part of a  set small hand built pieces I created. the first picture is of three hand built textured vases I made. I had fun creating these "little friends". I also have been making incense burners and "ring catchers". These are great little gifts just to say "hello" or let someone know you think they're special. You can find these little pots down at my studio, and soon on my website.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sunny Day!

This is a new felt piece I just finished! I've called it "sunny day". This felt landscape took me awhile because of all the detail work! It measures 21"wide and 17" tall. I had it framed in a crisp white shadow box to finish the piece.

Monday, June 16, 2008

creating in the studio...

Here's a few pictures I snapped to let you know what I've been up to lately...I'm still stuck on seams, closures, and connections, and I made another vase to continue the series. This vase is about 2 1/2 feet tall. It's the tallest one yet, and I think I'm going to keep making them bigger and taller...we'll see! I also am making plates. The plates I threw in this picture are a bit deep. I wanted to produce plates that have depth to hold a salad or pasta (two of my favorite food categories :)), but not so deep they're bowl like. I'll be gas firing mid July so I'll be sure to post pictures of all the pots I've been showing you.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

a big thanks!

I want to say thank you to my new friend Patricia. She posted about me on her inspiring blog Crafty Synergy. She interviews diffrent artists and features them on her blog. I got so inspired when I first stumbled across her blog reading about other artists and how they started their own creative businesses, then for her to ask to interview me was so honored! Also, be sure to check her amazing and beautiful paper products at her website "a little hut" Thanks so much Patricia!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

indigo blue

Welcome indigo blue to the lily pottery collection. This new glaze is now a officially a part of the lily pottery collection. I have experimented a bit with this color and it's a going to stay in the "family". You can find these new indigo necklaces for sale on my website.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

some new plates...

ok, so I know what all of you "regular readers" are thinking...these aren't "typical lily" plates. Yes, it's true, I'm branching out a bit with the glazes and mixing it up with some bright and funky colors. These two plates were "tests". I am working with some new underglazes and experimenting a bit. If you guys have any feedback or comments on what you think, good or bad, let me know! I'd love to hear from any of you and what your thought are on these crazy new colors!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I have had this random fascination lately with stitches and seams and studying just how things are put together and connect both organically and, as you can see, it's coming out in my work. These are two vases I'm working on right now. I think I want to do a series...who knows...we'll see where this strange and bizarre attraction to seams, joints and closures leads to.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

one of my absolute all-time favorites...

Nick Joerling tops the list of favorite potters. His gestural forms are fluid and animated. I love Nick's artist statement and philosophy behind his creations,

"I make pots as much from a drawing sensibility as a pottery one. Daydreaming with a pencil. Not drawing as rendering but simply doodling, then working hard to get that drawing to function. Profile line is therefore a strong attraction, a strong dictate, as are the smaller spaces within spaces. And of course that sense of animation. My pot reference is most often you an I, our bodies. It's where my cues come from: dance, people seated on a park bench, the cleavage that forms inside of a bent elbow. But I want to stay in the pot's world - too literal and the pots seem deflated. In my studio what I hope for are pots that have qualities of sensuality, compassion, humor, and risk."

I am so lucky to own a Nick Joerling original! My husband surprised me with this jar back when we were dating, and it prominently sits on my mantle in my living room for me to enjoy everyday!

Monday, June 9, 2008

charming quarters

my birdhouses posing in front of Knack's fabulous pillows.

Here's are two fresh birdhouses straight out of the kiln. I have made quite a few of these and find them inviting. One lady purchased a birdhouse from me and returned to my studio to let me know she had wrens nesting in it! I was delighted to hear that not only are these happy homes charming, they're functional as well!

Friday, June 6, 2008

show tonight!!!!

I am excited for our monthy First Fridays tonight 6-9! I posted the details earlier on the blog this week. I hope to see all of you greenville locals tonight at Flariron Studios!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

my greeeeeeeeeeennn banner!

I am excited to get this banner of my logo printed, and it's SO GREEN!!!! This 5ft x 3ft banner will eventually be bolted to the outside of my studio! Knack Studios and Art & Light have theirs up on the building already, and they looks super fabulous! I am excited to get mine hung, but for now it looks great hanging in my front window. I'll be sure to show you a picture of it on the outside of the building when it's hung outside!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mae Mougin

For those of you aren't already familiar with Mae Mougin, I want shine the spot light on her for a second. Mae is one of my personal favorite (among many) Ceramic Artists. Her ceramic work is so delicate it's almost "china-like" yet each piece it is organic in shape and form which in my opinion makes it so beautiful. I like her philosophy behind her work. The custom designed work of Mae stems from a life-long fascination with fashion, travel and art. Inspiration comes from Mae's unique view of the world--the overlooked objects of everyday, odds and ends while traveling and found in the natural world. Her pieces are playful but functional as evidenced in her M. A. E. line of ceramics. M.A.E. represents Morning--Afternoon--and Evening. Each piece in this collection is made with a special appreciation for the time of day. Mae was featured in Domino Magazine last month and you can read her article here. check out her website for more photos of her beautiful work.