Monday, June 2, 2008

First Fridays!

It's that time again...FIRST FRIDAYS!!!! hard to believe it's already here! Flatiron Studios, consisiting of Art & Light, Kanck Studios, and Lily Pottery will be open June 6th, Friday night 6-9pm and Saturday June 7th, 10-3pm. Lily Pottery is located at 1207 Pendleton St. For a complete listing of the galleries and studios participating as well as a map of where each is located you can check out the First Fridays website here. We've been busy this month creating, so come down and see what's happening in West Greenville's Artist District.

Also, make plans to join us Friday night, after the show at American Grocery Restaurant on S. Main St. We all head over around 9:30 pm Friday night and indulge ourselves in the french-pressed coffee and their famous house-made doughnuts! You can check out more at American Grocery's website here. See you guys down at the studio this weekend!

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