Monday, March 31, 2008

First Fridays!!!

This coming weekend, April 4-5 is First Fridays down at my studio! Come see what we've been up to at the Flatiron Studios this Spring...Barb as Knack Studios, my studio partner, has some fabulous furniture and home accessories that are to die for!!! I have been working on some new jewelry for this show and have been busy expanding the "little lily" collection of jewelry and accessories for precious little girls, and Teresa has been busy painting away and has coordinated some really talented artist to display their art in her gallery, Art and Light. My good friend Heather Vaughn has some simple and chic paintings that I am drooling over...and my other good friend Emily Pitts is our guest artist in the middle room. Her show, "The Felt Show" is going to be absolutely amazing! We also will have catered delicacies for you to enjoy while viewing the art and shopping. I am SO excited for this weekend!!! You DON'T want to miss this show! And afterwards, American Grocery on S. Main St. is opening up specifically for us who attend the First Fridays for their "in-house-homemade-doughnuts" and french pressed coffee...yum yum! So don't miss out!

a sneak peek at Heather Vaughn's paintings...

one of Barb's fabulous pieces...

"Clam" felt by Emily Pitts

Saturday, March 29, 2008

all in a day's work...

I spent my rainy gray saturday slinging clay in my studio. Isaiah came down with me an snapped a few photos of me in "sloppin' it up"! I am busy producing for my class in Asheville, NC at Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts. I am sooooooo excited to be working and firing my pots up there! I will continue to post the steps of my class that runs through May to keep you posted on what's going on!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"little lily"

Here's a sneak peak of my new children's line, "little lily". I created this pretty line, so sweet little girls could match their mommies with their very own mini version "lily pottery" . The little lily line consists of hairclips, hair ties, headbands, and sweet little necklaces with dainty chains. Check back soon to see pictures of the necklaces. You can purchase these charming miniature trimmings at my website

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

mommy makes roses

These roses created by Cassie Mae Chappellare truly FaBuLoUs!!!!! They look sooooo real!
The rose petals are handcut from coffee filters and carefully formed into a rose. The paper blooms are then handpainted using high quality watercolors, to resemble a variety of tea roses.
You can view and purchase these delicate beauties at

natural wonders

These amazing pieces are products of mixed media sculptor, Meagan Chaney. With nature as her primary source of inspiration, Meagan combines materials such as glass, steel, clay, and found objects to explore relationships between form, space, texture and color. Meagan's work can be seen all over the country, but you can visit the Curve Studios in Asheville, NC to see more of her great pieces.
Her work is presonally inspiring. Check out Meagan's website for more of her work,

Monday, March 24, 2008

fabulous felt

I looooove felt! There's something so organic, raw, and simple about felt. My friend Emily Pitts, is a felt artist, and I adore her work! She will be displaying her fabulous felt in the"visiting artist" room down at my studio, this coming First Fridays, April 4-5.

the beginning

So after so many people asking for it...I'm starting a blog! So here it is!

My blog will feature artist, artwork, fashion, and basically anything that I find inspiring to my creative thinking. So it begins...