Tuesday, March 25, 2008

mommy makes roses

These roses created by Cassie Mae Chappellare truly FaBuLoUs!!!!! They look sooooo real!
The rose petals are handcut from coffee filters and carefully formed into a rose. The paper blooms are then handpainted using high quality watercolors, to resemble a variety of tea roses.
You can view and purchase these delicate beauties at


Mommy Makes Roses said...

Thank you so much for the inclusion in your blog. I am blown away by all the beautiful arts and crafts shown and I would love to visit the venue pictured! Where are you located? Have a beautiful day.
Mommy Makes Roses

lily pottery said...

Oh you are so very welcome for the post! I love your work! I am located in Greenville South Carolina. You can see my studio and a map under the "news" section of my website, so if you're ever on the east coast...come see my studio :)
best wishes!