Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mae Mougin

For those of you aren't already familiar with Mae Mougin, I want shine the spot light on her for a second. Mae is one of my personal favorite (among many) Ceramic Artists. Her ceramic work is so delicate it's almost "china-like" yet each piece it is organic in shape and form which in my opinion makes it so beautiful. I like her philosophy behind her work. The custom designed work of Mae stems from a life-long fascination with fashion, travel and art. Inspiration comes from Mae's unique view of the world--the overlooked objects of everyday, odds and ends while traveling and found in the natural world. Her pieces are playful but functional as evidenced in her M. A. E. line of ceramics. M.A.E. represents Morning--Afternoon--and Evening. Each piece in this collection is made with a special appreciation for the time of day. Mae was featured in Domino Magazine last month and you can read her article here. check out her website for more photos of her beautiful work.

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These are so very great!!