Monday, June 23, 2008

going back to my roots...

My sister and I drove home and spent all of last week with our family in the city we grew up in, Cincinnati Ohio. I love going home and spending time with my family. This trip was so inspiring to me personally. As I get older and go back home, I begin to see little pieces of the "big puzzle" come together. The more time I spend with the people I love the most, I'm seeing more and more why I am the way I am. The fibers that tun through my body and make me up came from these people, and now that I'm a little older, I'm seeing myself in all of these wonderful people. It's really cool!
We spent a lot of time with my mom, dad, and brother driving around downtown and checking out the city. I saw where my love for being downtown and in the "city" and my love for creativity comes from. We stumbled upon a new and emerging artist's district in a really sketchy and shady part of town and all of us got excited! we got out and went to all the coolest urban shops and saw artist walking the streets. It was great to see other people in a bigger city than mine, doing the same thing I am. Then we went to the Cincinnati Art Museum. We all had fun giving our opinions and critiques and enjoyed our time together as a family.
We visited my Grandma and Grandpa Wikoff, and of coarse, you know we went to St. Vinney's Thrift Store. I see where my love and knack for finding "good bargains" comes from! oh boy! I had some really great finds with Gram and Gramps too! I got an AMAZING old chandelier that still has the old crystals in tack! After our visit with them, of course me, mom and em hit up just about every other thrift/junk shop we could find on a treasure hunt looking for that perfect vintage find, and yes we hit the jackpot a few times!
I also went to see my Grandma and Papal Hurst. Going to their house always bring me happy thoughts memories. I spent so much time there as a little girl running around on their property, riding my bike up and down their country road, and spending hours at their pond trying to catch fish. We sat on the front porch "shooting the breeze" then walked around their property. I saw where my love for gardening and being outdoors came from. Grandma showed me there little garden and explained when they retire it will be a huge garden. We looked at her grape arbor--which is loaded with grapes--and talked of making jam and canning this summer
For me to go home and see all of these wonderful people and see the heritage I came from and now understanding a little of why I am the way I am, was so refreshing to me! As I drove home I thought about all of these things and thanked God for the wonderful family and "roots" I have.

downtown view

on the corner looking into the artist district

my favorite shop mica

a cool plant shop that also featured local art called "city roots"

another really great shop called "outside"

my little bro at the Cincinnati Art Museum

grandma picking lettuce

grandma with onions

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Anonymous said...

ok, way to make me cry! what a special story. YOU are special! we love you!!!