Friday, July 31, 2009

a little dose of inspiration

i just got back from a quick trip to visiting my family in Cincinnati...every time i go home i make it a priority to visit the Over the Rhine District. this neighborhood has a intriguing history beginning around 1860. in the early 1900s Over the Rhine was thriving German community, but when i was growing up in Cincinnati, you didn't go to this part of town. this once thriving neighborhood had taken a downturn and when i was little was in the news constantly for violence and shootings. you just didn't go there...
but now, thanks to many creative and innovative types and the city getting behind them, the door is being opened to rediscovering the charm of Over the Rhine. this community has turned into an exciting and unique community teeming with creativity. Main Street, with its collection of shops and restaurants, is rapidly becoming a regional entertainment district. the Ensemble Theater on Vine Street attracts national attention with its innovative productions and premieres of new plays by acclaimed playwrights. Music Hall and Memorial Hall host a wide variety of performances and special events throughout the year. the community's remarkable nineteenth-century buildings set the stage for life, work and play in the community, creating an historical environment that is uniquely "Over-the-Rhine."
I snapped a few photos before a huge thunderstorm moved in and i couldn't take pictures, but before it came, here's some pics i snapped...

looking down Main St.

a wonderful little coffee house and book shop

the back patio of the book shop where you can sit with your book and coffee and enjoy the outdoors

me and meg

i wasn't able to get more pics because of the rain, but on the sides many of the old buildings, they have new and fresh art work this clash of old buildings and modern art!


Anonymous said...

fun times! thanks for coming for a visit. we had a blast! love you much!

j.US.t chatter said...

i guess hubs & i need to get down there & check it out. so much has changed even since i lived down there 2 years ago. =)