Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the Eclectic Curio Coffeehouse-a funky place to sip and shop

I've blogged about my mom and her funky vintage/retro shop on etsy call the Eclectic Curio...well...she's sorta expanded! Over Thanksgiving I was home and I helped her get ready for her newest endeavor, the Eclectic Curio Coffeehouse and retro shop. She opened up the beginning of December. While I was home I got to see her fabulously funky new shop and even help her work it a bit. "The Eclectic Curio...a funky place to sip and shop" reads as you walk in the door. My brother helps her manage the place and they both work a lot of hours. I am so proud of my mama and brother and all the work they've done. Her place is so adorable and has super retro and vintage finds. She serves a full espresso bar, pastries, brownies, specialty candies, ice cream and so much more. You can also purchase lily pottery jewelry there ;) Check out the EC blog and etsy shop and if you're ever in Cincinnati Ohio, you gotta check out the Eclectic Curio!


The Eclectic Curio... said...

thank you lily! you are so sweet and i love you bunches!!

Anonymous said...

HI.Sherry, i really like the coffee shoppe and is is very neat. good job. your mom,.

Anonymous said...

hey you make such a cup of cffee and the r4oll and ice crean sure did do the tick. very, very good.your mom,.

Anonymous said...

Betty, said that coffee was sure diffent but sure good.The roll and ice crean was sure good.Even thou it was suger free. it maked a good treat. Your mOM , LOVE YOU,.

Anonymous said...

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