Monday, December 8, 2008


well, as many of you have contacted me wondering why i haven't been blogging...i've been a "studio hermit" lately! i have had some large commissions come in this past month and on top of getting ready for Christmas, i've been BUSY!
the commission i just finished up for Popcorn Initiative, was my favorite commission yet. i thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris on his custom chirstmas ornaments he sends to his clients every year. i loved his ideas and we worked together to come up with 120 of these sweet birdies. He came in this past week with the finished product and i was floored! i absolutely LOVE what he did! his close attention to detail was stunning. the label on the square tin, christmas card, and tags on the ornament were all letter pressed. the bird was nested in the metal square tin under the card that was perfectly cut to the size of the tin. then he pulled out these lovely letter pressed bookmarks with my logo, a little yellow bird on a branch, and website as a "thank you" for doing his commission!!! how cool is that?!?!?
i told Chris, if i were one his clients, i would be checking the mail every day in December for his package to come!


j.US.t chatter said...

wow! what a great project... way to go lil!

julia said...

i saw this on your board & desk saturday and meant to ask about it. the ornaments (and packaging) are beautiful! terrific idea and implementation!

Anonymous said...

i love them!!! i want my tree filled with them. too "tweet"!