Wednesday, December 17, 2008


i just finished up my latest commission last week. i had the owner of a local florist shop, Twigs asked me to make custom necklaces for her employees to give them for christmas. each "twig" necklace is one of a kind and different. i hand cut each design out. every necklace had a green twig and a blue leaf. i was delighted with the final products! i have really enjoyed my past two commissions and look forward to doing more!


Heidi Jo said...

I love them! Too bad I can't work there and get one of those necklaces!

Anonymous said...

I love these! What a great idea, and such a thoughtful gift to give employees!


The Eclectic Curio... said...

very cool! i love them.

Katie Runnels said...

So Cool, Lily! Merry Christmas to you!! Send me an ad link sometime-I'd love to put your shop on my sidebar! If you're interested just send me something whenever you have time! xoxo