Monday, October 6, 2008

Alice Ballard Workshop

the actual pecan pods and small "clay sketches"

beginning to make the pods

the pods cut in half

alice and I
I had the AMAZING opportunity to take a workshop this past weekend with Alice Ballard. I fell in love with Alice's work the very first time I saw her fluid and organic ceramics and her work has inspired me ever since. I found out this weekend her work is not only amazing, but she too is and incredible woman. In the workshop she explained many handbuilding techniques and encouraged each of us to find a form in nature and sculpt it out of clay. We were to make two forms that somehow related to one another. I brought two pecan seed pods from the trees in my back yard for my nature subject. As I began to work in her techniques, I found myself lost in my own little world of me and the clay. Before I new it the first day was over. I couldn't wait for day two!

I took a gazillion pictures this weekend and tried to document every tid-bit of the workshop. I am so grateful for this past weekend! It was like meeting one of my heroes and getting work with her for two days! Below I have posted some pictures of Alice's beautiful work.


barbjensen said...

What an inspiring woman! I feel sure I've seen her work before and am so happy to see her website.
Your pieces from the weekend are very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

wow! her work is amazing! what an experience that must have been. happy for you!

Chrissy Ann Ceramics said...

I am a HUGE fan of Alice's. I am so envious of you for having that experience!!! I can't wait until I can take a workshop with her! Your pods came out beautiful as well! Cheers, Chrissy