Monday, October 13, 2008

Fresh Fall Fun!

a lovely view from the top

isaiah had to climb for the granny smith apples :)

some fun shaped knobby gords and pumpkins

tasty asian pears, YUM!

This weekend I got up and away to the mountains with my sweetie! And oh what delightful time we had! We went apple picking! The weather could not have been more beautiful and the smell of autumn was definitely in the air! We sauntered through the rows of trees bowing to offer us their delectable, juicy fruits! The Fuji apples are one of my favorites, and I ate enough for you and me this past weekend! They are SO sweet this year! Once we'd filled our bushel basket, we browsed the pumpkin patches, tasted the fresh-pressed cider slushies, and watched the children excitedly board the hay wagon rides. I love the textures and smells Autumn brings. Below are a few photos from our lovely little weekend excursion I thought I'd share. Happy Fall to all of you, and I hope you enjoyed your weekend!


Anonymous said...

looks like fun!

barbjensen said...

Our apple trees are so laden this year; I have a huge apple crisp AND an apple cake sitting on the counter right now. And I boiled down a couple of gallons of apple cider to apple syrup just so I could store it all.
I love fall!