Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First Fridays!'s that time again...FIRST FRIDAYS! This weekend my studio as well as all the other artists in Flatiron will be open! Come check out my new fall line of lily pottery and get a sneak peak at my new catalog going out soon!

Also, my good friend Matt Moreau owner of Dapper Ink is the guest artist in Art and Light's solo gallery. Using silkscreen as his medium, Matt retells the most famous stories from the Book of Genesis though line art inspired by designers Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Edgar Brandit. He also draws from European craft tradition and the cultures of ancient Egypt, East Asia, and Africa which all became popular in the early twentieth century. He will have other prints available as well.

silk screen print by Matt Moreau

silk screen print by Matt Moreau

We hope to see you at Flatiron this weekend, Friday night 6-9 or come Saturday, 10-3 to get a head start on that Christmas shopping, cause Christmas is only 86 days away!!!!

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sunny mom said...

i really like those teardrop earrings! love the shape and color of them! they are just the right ones.