Friday, September 5, 2008

First Fridays!

Tonight is First Fridays and we at Flatiron are SO excited because this is the show we're having and the building is now completely full of artists in all 5 spaces! Kyle Buttram is having her Grand Opening tonight! She is having live music and it's going to be a great time. I am in my new studio and all ready to go! Come down tonight 6-9 or tomorrow 10-3 and see my new space!!!


katie taylor said...

how incredibly exciting.
i love watching your business grow & all your hard work & fun.
Your space looks way great!
Best of luck tonight! Have a blast!

Tell Em I said hi :]

Sydd said...

oh my goodness ! this looks amazing and im not gonna lie - im a bit sad i didnt get a chance to help you set up. i def want to see this new studio of yours in real life - soon soon soon ! hope tonight goes awesome. love you. <3

the eclectic curio... said...

wow! your studio looks awesome! so wish i was there to see it in person! lily pottery rocks!!!