Friday, July 25, 2008

Please vote for little lily to win the GRAND PRIZE Designer Chick 2008 Contest!!!

Because of all of you being so supportive and casting your votes for the little lily hairclips, I have made it to the final round of the Designer Chick contest. I need all of you to vote again for my little lily hair clips! The prizes for the GRAND PRIZE winner are AMAZING!!!! If I win the grandprize, I will receive:

As you can see to win the grand prize would be so great for expanding the "little lily" branch of lily pottery. So please go to: and vote for little lily hairclips #2, and pass the news on to any of your friends that would want to help me out.

Thanks you all SO very much! I couldn't have made it this far without all of your support!


eclectic curio... said...

I voted for you and sent the word out to all my friend!!! Go Little Lily!!!!!!!

Katie Runnels said...

Little Lily is in the lead!! Well, of course!! xoxoxo!