Tuesday, July 15, 2008

custom wedding jewelry!

I've had the pleasure of working with some brides and making custom bridesmaid jewelry this summer. Believe it or not, but making necklaces for bridesmaids is how "lily pottery" all got started! about a year ago I had one of my husband's friend's fiancee on the West coast saw a picture of my jewelry and asked if I'd be interested in making it for her bridesmaids. I hadn't sold a single necklaces yet, I had only made it for me and my sister to wear. I was a bit nervous to accept this offer, due-to-the fact I had never met her or her bridesmaids, and I had NO idea anyone would really want to wear pottery around their neck! I went ahead and said yes and got busy making the necklace and earring sets. The bride didn't see the jewerly until we flew out the California the week of the wedding!!!! i was SO nervous, but when she saw the sets she loved them. I still was nervous and wondered what the bridesmaids would think. At the rehearsal dinner they opened the boxes and all squealed with delight letting me know they loved it. So from then on, the rest is history!

So when a bride asks me to make jewelry for her wedding party, I love to do it. it's a bit sentimental for me because it always reminds me of how all this got started! The necklaces above are for a fall wedding this coming November.


eclectic curio... said...

awesome idea! love it!

Anonymous said...

I love them!! I wish I had received something like that when I was a bridesmaid. How unique and special...and definitely wearable again!