Tuesday, May 13, 2008

my newest goodwill find!

I actually found this dresser at the Salvation Army just up the street from my house last week! I am going to give it a bit of love and put it in my guest bedroom! I was excited to find this piece because it reminded me of the dresser I had in my bedroom as a little girl.

Yes, I totally shoved this dresser in the back of my jeep to get it home...and yes, I laughed the whole way home!!! I had to put up the photo of it all packed in the back of the jeep just to give you guys a giggle or two ;)

I'll be sure to show you guys the final product after I give it a little sprucing up, and when I put it in my guest room.

1 comment:

sher said...

i love me so GW! you were crackin' me up with that jeep pic!!! too funny. we had fun that day! we love to GW!!!! i'm headed there now!