Thursday, December 17, 2009

this little piggy's going to market

time is flying by and is about 3 weeks away!!! last night i loaded up my pallette...yes i said pallette, no more loading down my truck like the beverly hillbillies this year, yes, thanks to my amazing husband, lily pottery kicked it up a notch and we're shipping our load of displays and stuff to market via freight. i'm so excited, this means, i just show up in Atlanta, and all my stuff will be waiting for me, in my booth, on the pallette...SO much easier than what i did last year...HUGE thanks and lots of hugs Isaiah for helping me do this!!!
i didn't have my good camera, so i snapped a few from my phone in the warehouse last night (sorry for the bad quality, but ya get the idea)...i'm really excited!

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emolee said...

yayy. i love that ring pic. i invision it as a banner. just fyi. love.