Tuesday, December 29, 2009

get ready...get set...RUN!

taking a little break from the normal lily pottery posts to let you know about some new goodies i got for christmas to help me kick off 2010. this is the year i'm planning to run a full marathon. i've completed 4 half marathons with 10Ks scattered in between...but this is the year...i'm 26 years old and i'm running the big 26.2 this year! i'm planning to run the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC in September. i'm so excited about it! here's some of my new goodies to help me reach my goals...

runner's calendar and progress log...SUPER great! and it's 50% off right now at B&N

my new lunar racers...these shoes ROCK!

the NIKE + IPOD chip that fits in the bottom of your show that connets to your ipod to track your running stats

i got a new ipod nano for christmas!!! it takes videos and is so great!

so thanks to my awesome husband Ike, i'm all ready to hit the pavement! i'm really excited and i'm sure you'll hear updates hear and next half marathon is April 24th...i'll keep you updated!

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pamwares said...

i ran a marathon 4 years ago - it was the best thing I have ever done for ME. Good luck and good training!