Tuesday, November 17, 2009

um....i want these!

aren't these just so wonderful?!?! BOSKKE is "turning planting on it's head"...these fabulous pots come from the creative mind of Patrick Morris a ceramic designer from New Zealand...

The SKY PLANTER is Patrick Morris's award-winning design. With its delicate profile and subtle detailing, it is already turning heads in the world of design and architecture.

  • Conserve water - Reduce your watering of household plants by up to 80%
  • Purify your air - Breath fresh naturally filtered air
  • Save your time and save your plants - Refill the self-watering SKY PLANTER CLASSIC only once or twice a month
  • Save floor space - A practical planting solution for modern living areas where space can be limited
  • Transform your view of nature - Look up and enjoy the beauty of nature with a BOSKKE SKY PLANTER
  • Available in two ranges; Classic and Original

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emolee said...

dirt. everywhere. how does this work?