Tuesday, November 3, 2009

hello paradigm's shift...

i am so happy to let you guys know about Paradigm's Shift...a brand new etsy shop that my uncle Rob has opened. Rob is more like a brother than an uncle seeing that we are only 4 years apart, but he has always been so creative and now he's channeled those creative juices and has began creating jewelry. he's been making jewelry for awhile for his wife and us, and every time we wear the jewelry out we get compliments, so he's decided to take the plunge and open an etsy shop. Rob currently lives in China with his lovely wife Meg. They both teach english, and during the summer tehy travel the world. he finds much of his inspiration during his travels then when he returns home, he creates this beautiful and elegant line of jewelry using precious metals and semi precious stones...if you're looking for the perfect party necklace, you've got to check out his shop, Paradigm's Shift!

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Anonymous said...

so lovely! robert is so creative!