Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a new place for lily pottery...

i love their widow box!

all of their shoes are SUPER yummy, brought myself a pair home and LOVE them!!!

this is their "store kitty" she greets you as you walk in and watches from the widow

i'm SO excited to introduce to you Terra Cotta, a new boutique carrying Lily Pottery jewelry! this fabulous little store is located in the heart of downtown Savannah Georgia. i had the awesome privilege of visiting this store in person this summer and in was love at first site! they had every thing for gorgeous clothing and "to-die-for boots" to fun jewelry and unique accessories, even children and baby items! Christine who owns Terra Cotta is just so sweet and all of the girls who work there are just dolls! i found so many "goodies" while i was there and have been enjoying wearing each piece. i can't wait for my next trip to Savannah to get in some more shopping!


Kate Gardenghi said...

Awesome! It looks fantastic. Do they have a website?

blue moss said...

such a great looking store...i must visit!!!

lily pottery said...

thanks for the love girls!
Kate-they don't have a website yet...but hopefully someday they will...but then i might be in trouble with all of that "goodness" for sale at my fingertips!

Kate Gardenghi said...

Thanks! I called them and talked to Christine and she just raved about you! I gave her my name and info so she can send me mailers and stuff :)