Thursday, August 27, 2009

ZOLA craft gallery...say "hello" to lily pottery

i am happy to introduce to you Zola Gallery in Durham, NC another wonderful place now carrying my line of Lily Pottery Jewelry! i met Heather in Atlanta at Market and i am so very excited to have my jewelry in her gallery which is loaded with fun and fabulous art work, home decor, and unique wearables and now lily pottery joins her fabulous mix...hoping to make a quick trip up to North Carolina soon to visit Heather and Zola in person!!!


our little love nest said...

YAY! Your work is ending up everywhere! I love it! I also love the mornings where I am doing dishes and look at my windowsill to see your gorgeous garden markers. They are so pretty. Thank you! xoxo

blue moss said...

another great store!! so exciting

Anonymous said...

Yay for Lily pottery! Lily, I am so proud of you and my heart swells with thankfulness as I think of how you have been able to use your talent, ambition and hard work to get your awesome artwork out in the "world"! Keep it up, girl! Love you so much!