Monday, August 17, 2009

i love savannah...

i'm back and what a wonderful city Savannah is! i had a blast soaking in all of the goodness Savannah has to offer. we biked all over the city and walked as well... there was so much to visually take in, but here's a few photos i snagged of some super fun places we went while we were there...

this was right out the front door of our little cottage where we quaint and lovely!

view from the balcony of our cottage

super tasty ice cream at Leopolds!

L-O-V-E shopSCAD!

there were SO many fabulous old churches and such great historical architecture...i took A MILLION pics, but i won't bore you with all of them ;)


Kelley Smith Style said...

one more historical fact about savannah....i was born there! only been back once (on a girl scout trip) since i was born.
glad you had a fun little vaca!

knack said...

looks like you had a great time....the cottage you stayed at looks so awesome!

Anonymous said...

what a lovely place to stay! looks like an awesome town. glad you had a great time!

blue moss said...

it looks so fun....makes me want to go to savannah :)