Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PART 2: oh what a weekend...

so after the race this past saturday, i headed over to one of my favorite places in charlotte, NODA to see my friend Sandy owner of Lark and Key Gallery. it's always a pleasure to chit-chat a bit with Sandy, and see the new artwork she has so creatively displayed. everything looked fabulous!

then i headed over the Green Rice Gallery owned by Carla Garrison. she currently has an amazing show up called "Postgig" it was a fabulous exhibition of original concert posters! i was in love with every piece, sadly none of them were for sale, they a were collection on display, but never-the-less they looked AMAZING, and i got to chat and catch up a bit with Carla as well...which is always a joy.

while i was at Lark & Key, sandy told me about a "pottery sale" going on at a local potter's house, she also told me the guest artist was suze lindsay...for those of you who don't know, suze lindsay is an amazing potter and well known all over for her work. if you mentioned name to any potter or collector, they would know exactly who you're talking about...i was so excited to see her work...well when we got to the house there was so much pottery! just tons! and... SUZE WAS THERE!!! i didn't know she'd actually BE there! when i got there, she was feeding a thirsty dog some water out of one of her fabulous bowls! when the dog was done, she plopped to bowl right back on the table! i love it! i got to talk with her for a little while, and what a neat lady! i knew it was slightly juvenile, but i asked if i could snap a photo with her...she was so sweet and put her arm around me and pulled me in for a quick shot.

me and suze...;)

suze lindsay pottery

there were other really talented artists there and two of them i had bought their work from Lark & Key awhile ago. Amy Sanders, Jennifer Mecca, Julie Wiggins, Ron Philbeck were just a few others i had the privilege of meeting.

pottery by Amy Sanders

pottery by Jennifer Mecca

pottery by julie wiggins

pottery by Ron Philbeck

it was SO hard to decide, but i came home with these two lovely pieces to add to my little collection:

vase by suze lindsay

serving tray by julie wiggins

i was on cloud 109 after all of this goodness that happened in just one day! i ran a good race, got to sneak in to anthropolgie and urban outfitters (my favorite stores we don't have in gville) , see and chat with my charlotte friends, saw some really fab art, then got to meet suze lindsay and see her artwork and meet some other really great potters!!! i was worn out after all that! it was definitely a weekend to remember!


jess gonacha said...

wow, what a fun time and gorgeous pottery! and i've met sandy once before-- she is wonderful! lark & key is such a lovely place. :)

our little love nest said...

I positively love Lark and Key isn't her (I think) boyfriend, Duy Huynh's work incredible. I could only dream of being so talented. There are a ton of amazing people in that little area. It looks like you had so much fun. It's a wonderful feeling being around people you admire. Suze sounds like a hoot. I really love Julie Wiggins work too. I think it is so great you came to Charlotte.xo ( I didn't mean to say so much...eek)