Thursday, April 10, 2008

comforting coffee with a dear friend

I met with my dear friend April this morning for coffee at her place, and she revealed me the newest mug form she has been throwing for our upcoming show in Clemson next weekend...and I just adore them! As I had the pleasure of drinking from one of her newest mugs this morning, I sat entirely happy and content to hold that gestural little mug in my hands and sip my brew. When I sat the mug back on her kitchen table, I could just image the jolly little pot skipping about and dancing a little jig. thankful for the company of good friends and comforting coffee in soulful hand-thrown mugs on warm spring mornings.

1 comment:

sher said...

april's mugs are wonderful! love the description of them doing a "jig"...too cute! what a blessing...the company of a good friend.