Thursday, January 14, 2010


i'm back from the bit ATL...and whew...what a week! Market was a huge success for Lily Pottery! my head is still swimming a little and i'm still seeing stars, but i'm taking today to wade through the craziness and then it's back to work! i'll be sure to fill you guys in along the way as a create orders and ship them out to the new fabulous accounts i picked up this past week. here's some photos from my booth...i was pretty proud of my little space ;) thanks to all of you for the support while i was there! i loved getting your texts and facebook messages! you guys R-O-C-K!!!

the new multi disc necklace was QUITE the hit!!! everyone went nuts over it and ordered!

the new "branch necklaces" was a hit too...


Alice said...

That is just the coolest booth! But how did you transport and set up those tables?

Thanks for sharing! It's always nice to see how other artists set up their booths.

kelleysmithstyle[at] said...

umm, is that a hobo-from-the-back-room bag i see in the picture??

Myra said...

Your booth looked AMAZING! Glad it went well!