Tuesday, October 27, 2009

time for a fashion shoot!!!

okay, let me just say, i'm jumpin' outta my skin! today is the fashion photo shoot for my 2010 lily pottery catalog! i'm so excited!!!! last year was the first catalog i'd ever done...i learned so much from doing the last one, and now i'm thrilled to be embarking on the next one! i'm expanding the shoot to 2 models this year, and i actually had a little bit of a budget for wardrobe this year! (last year i just raided my own closet and dressed my the model (my sister) in my favorite clothes ;) this year's catalog will be a bit more on the fashion side of things...can't wait!!! we'll also be shooting a "behind the scenes" be on the lookout for that... my friend Aaron Greene will be shooting to photos and i will have my sister model again along with my friend Cassia...these two beauties will be sure to make for fabulous catalog! here's just a few photos from last year's shoot taken by Aaron Greene...

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